HCT/ACT Hex Crimp Tools:

Product Description

HCT steel-frame hex crimping tools and ACT aluminum-frame hex crimping tools crimp connectors and center pins on drop cables. The HCT/ACT series of coax crimp tools crimp connectors requiring hex sizes .178″ through .475″ and center pins requiring crimp sizes .068″ through .110″.


HCT/ACT tools crimp connectors requiring hex sizes 0.212" to 0.429" and center pins requiring crimp sizes 0.050" to 0.174".

Special Features

Hex tool headHex sizes stamped on tool jaw:
Both major and minor hex sizes are clearly stamped on the tool jaw to facilitate picking the right tool for the application.

Hex tool nutA brass nut for easy adjustment:
The nut on the adjustment wheel enables easy calibration in the field and ensures precise and consistent results. Because the nut is a common size, no special tool is required to make the adjustments.

An innovative "toggle action" design:
Unlike other crimp tools, HCT/ACT crimp tools do not use a ratchet closure that crimps even an improperly placed connector, resulting in a poor connection and signal loss. Instead, the innovative "toggle action" design ensures a proper crimp every time.

Field maintenance kitA field maintenance kit:
Maintenance kits extend the life of HCT and ACT tools by keeping them in top operating condition. Each kit includes new pins, washers, linkage, a brass adjustment nut, and a cogged adjustment wheel.


ItemOrder NumberWeight
Steel-bodied Hex Crimp ToolAll HCT Tools24680
Aluminum-bodied Hex Crimp ToolAll ACT Tools16454
Maintenance KitMK-10501.336

Order Information

Hex Size RequiredPin Crimp Required
Hex Crimp ToolHex Crimp Tool

Maintenance KitOrder Number
Kit to maintain all HCT/ACT Tools
Set includes four retaining pins and rings, U-shaped spring washers, one set of links, an adjustment wheel, and a brass hex nut.