Introducing the Heat Prep™ Cable Heating Tool!


Cable work has never been easier on technicians’ hands!
The Heat Prep Cable Heating Tool (CHT) safely warms virtually any cable jacket to make it more pliable, requiring 300% less force for connector insertion. It’s durable, field-tested and proven to withstand the harshest weather conditions and toughest cable applications.

Connections made using the lightweight and efficiently designed CHT are reliable and rock solid. With easy-to-read indicator lights, there is no guesswork about when the temperature is right for getting perfect results every time. The long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps it going in the field, providing 15 to 45+ heating cycles per charge and a lifetime of 10,000 heating cycles. The tool supports many cable types, brands and gauges up to an outer dimension of .45”, including RG-6 and RG-11, direct-burial, LMR-style, Plenum and power cables.

Designed for technicians by technicians
Like most Cable Prep tools, the idea for the CHT sprung from real-world experiences of actual technicians working in the field. In this case, the very cold fields of Canada, where technician Josh Guimond began using a device he invented to safely apply heat to make cold and brittle cable material more pliable. He soon found that using the tool prior to connector insertions made the task nearly effortless and the results reliably precise.

Mr. Guimond further developed the tool under the Heat Prep™ name and recently teamed up with Cable Prep to take his one-of-a-kind device to market. The CHT was unveiled at the Cable Prep booth at the SCTE Expo in October, 2017 and drew significant interest.

Since the Cable Prep brand is founded on offering quality cable tools that are perfectly engineered for the task at hand, adding the Heat Prep CHT to their line-up made perfect sense. It is simple to use and has the types of features and benefits that Cable Prep always strives to deliver:

  • Less Strain on Technicians’ Hands
  • Rock-Solid Connections Every Time
  • 10,000-Cycle Rechargeable Battery
  • Weather-Resistant Casing
  • Fits Into Existing Tool Pouches
  • Easy-to-Read Indicator Lights
  • Supports Many Cable Types
  • Safe, Controlled Heat
  • User-Friendly Design

While the CHT clearly distinguishes itself as the go-to solution for harsh weather conditions and tough jacket types, it is also habit-forming among technicians who work with almost any kind of cable. At the end of day, the Heat Prep CHT makes work easier on the hands and helps to produce quality connections that bring peace of mind.



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