CC Drop Cable Cutters:

Product Description

Designed specifically for drop applications, these diagonal cable cutters and lineman’s pliers easily cut through the steel center conductor on all drop cables. CC cable cutters work on all RG-6, -59, -7, and -11 drop cables.


CC cutters work on all RG-6, -59, -7, and -11 drop cables.

Special Features

Laser hardened steel bladesLaser-hardened Steel Blades:
Precision-ground for top performance, the high-carbon forged-steel blades maintain their sharp edge. An electronic coating prevents rust, even after exposure to the elements.

Contoured handles, cushioned gripsContoured Handles:
The easy-to-open handles are contoured to fit comfortably in either hand.

Cushioned Grips:
The brightly colored cushioned grips ensure a firm grasp and will not slip off during use. They also make the tool easy to find.


ItemOrder NumberWeightWeight
Diagonal CuttersCC-200810.4295
Lineman's PliersCC-300814.4408

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