Fiber Buffer Tube Cutter

Product Description

CPT tools for fiber applications cut back fiber buffer tube to the proper length to expose the fibers.


CPT Fiber Buffer Tube Cutters work on 0.032", 0.060", and 0.080" fiber cables.

Special Features

An Ergonomic, Efficient Design:
The CPT body is comfortable to hold and easy to operate with either hand.

Hardened, Tool-steel Blades:
Made of the highest quality steel, CPT blades ensure optimum performance over a long life.

Factory Calibration:
Pre-calibrated dimensions for different applications help to ensure that cables are prepared properly.

Patented Cleanout Feature:
The patented cleanout feature of the CPT tool automatically removes excess buffer tube from the tool after stripping.

Color-coded Bodies and Cartridges:
Color-coding of the tool bodies and replaceable cartridges makes it easy to identify the right tool for the application. The cartridges snap easily into place.

Lightweight Durability:
Rugged enough for the toughest jobs, lightweight CPT tools offer consistent, precision performance even under harsh conditions.


Order NumberWeight
Tool ColorCartridge Color

Order Information

Cable TypeCPT Tool Order NumberReplacement Cartridge
Order Number
Cartridge Quantity
per Package
CPT/Cartridge Color
0.032" Fiber CableCPT-F19105RBC-F191051Orange/White
0.060" Fiber CableCPT-F19109RBC-F191091Blue/Green
0.080" Fiber CableCPT-F19110RBC-F191101Blue/Yellow