PIK – Premises Installation Kit:

Cable Assembly Tool Kit

Product Description

The PIK is a cable assembly took kit specifically for drop applications. Cable Prep PIK packages include all the cable installer tools necessary to ensure smooth premises installation of RG-6, -59, -11, and mini-coax cables.

PIK Cable Installation Kits come in various configurations. Please contact Cable Prep or your authorized Cable Prep distributor for specific information.


Special Features


Order Information

PIK Configurations

Order NumberDescriptionCutterStripperCompression ToolCarpet CutterWing Ding
PIK-659HPTfor RG-6 F- and RCA-connector applications using the Hybrid Pocket compression toolCC-2008CPT-6590HPT-6590WDVP
PIK-659HPT-Csame as above with carpet cutterCC-2008CPT-6590HPT-65904375WDVP
PIK-659HPT-Mfor RG-6 and mini-coax BNC applicationsCC-2008CPT-6590 andHPT-6590WDVP
PIK-711HPTfor RG-11 F-connector applicationsCC-2008CPT-1100HPT-1100

PIK packages include a FREE PK-HLSTR tool pouch valued at $30. PIK packages are available only from participating Cable Prep distributors.