Focus Tool Success Sheds Light on Fiber Optic Growth.


The fiber optic industry is rapidly expanding. Increasing demands from Internet applications like over-the-top content and video streaming, and in addition to rising end-use applications such as telecom, CATV, sensors and premise security, all contribute to an expected growth of nearly 10% per year, from just over 3 billion (USD) to over 5 billion (USD)* within the next five years. At Cable Prep, we can see that growth from the significant amount of traffic to our website that has resulted in steadily increasing FOCUS tool orders.

Why FOCUS? Because this patented tool offers a unique solution for working with fiber optics. The convenient, ergonomic FOCUS, with its long, narrow jaws, universal tips and integrated flashlight, makes it easy to insert and remove a small-form-factor (SFF) connector without disturbing adjacent connections. Also designed to be non-locking and non-conductive, there is no better option to protect delicate cables, avoid shorts and ensure a job more easily accomplished.



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